Favorite tree thread

I'd have to go with birch, red maple, or weeping willow

Really not liking yews. Looking forward to chopping redwoods


Willow trees in draynor village i see

What trees are native to egypt?

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Leveling woodcutting in old school runescape i see

What are those big trees that have leaves like maples but the leaves are really huge?
And the bark at the bottom looks strange?
nvm it is sycamore.
Majestic tree.

This reminds me of my neighbors when I was growing up. The whole family was named after trees: Their names were Larch, Laurel, and Laurel Lee. So cool.

Independently I'm going to choose the California Bay Laurel. It's fun to climb and is a great candidate for rope swings.


the majesty of them all

silver birches
black oaks
ancient redwoods (and omg heartwood is so beautiful)
japanese cherry

tho technically SHRUBS
willows are probably my "favorite"
whiteleaf manzanita is gorgeous too

trees are just not celebrated enough



cedar trees are the best trees

2 tick teaks

You have never seen a tree in your life

There are at least 4 trees in my neighborhood.

Which one is your favorite?

Hes not at liberty

Only 4 survived...

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