Faz's Crypto Thread

And sold


Very quickly losing all perspective on money

Yeah that’ll happen

But you’re literally a cuck for buying crypto on Robinhood

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I mean you’re just trading off pure speculation like so many other people these days so I can’t blame you but you’re basically just a normie I talk down on at this point

Trades doge, delivers pizza, drives a shit box, probably voted for Biden

God I hate you people

Monero was up 21% yesterday also nerd so get in there the volatility is there

Peaked at like 540 almost 24hr ago or some shit now it’s at 470

I'll check it out

How is a 2019 civic a shitbox


litecoin time

It’s quite literally the definition of a shit box

you live in such an economically impoverished area any car that isn’t 15 years old is considered “nice” and you’re too dumb to realize how the rest of the world lives because you’ve never been out of your small little bubble of cheese curds, leinenkugel beer, and packers games

Doge down eth up the rotation has begun

Why did you uh me

Still huge upside for eth today. Will probably break 4k before profit taking