Faz's Crypto Thread

Faz Crypto Thread


What's your favorite project

Volatility on btc and eth

Pretty fuckin sure you can buy at midnight and sell at noon and just print money

just buy monero you fools

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Not buying monero unless more platforms support it

Cashapp paypal robinhood

I found an old monero wallet last week. Nice surprise

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ban it

Market will likely reflect USSM's next big dip

Pull out of everything, invest in farming equipment and training

why would you wait just buy it now while you’re still early

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It’s market cap is like #24 yet it has the technology and community to be a top 5 coin easily

Real reason: you’ve never actually used crypto before and trade exclusively on exchanges like Robinhood so you wouldn’t even know how to get monero

I don't care about what has the most value I care about what has the most volatility

Buy doge

Not that kind of volatility

$1600 in 2 days ama

Much more once the rotation out of dogecoin happens