Faz's Crypto Thread

Get a life

drawing lines for fun

starving chartist

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he has yet again mentioned his 6 ft 3 235 lb ex military status

Dude how are you still watching twitch in 2023? Not financial advice

How can you not its really that simple

he's a dopamine addict ■■■

sorry wrong thread

Calling it. Market is in accumulation phase

How long does this laat

like a year

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I cringe whenever I see line graphs.

lol you have to know where to draw the lines and what they mean.

will fall at least to .33



Seems like an early call btw

holy shit the lines! it is all fluff. lol

@jdance, you just got to start learning how and why price moves.

Retail doesn't move the price. Algorithmically executed system/institutions do to take retail money.

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