Faz's Crypto Thread

Binance vol on btc/eth like 250% ath and its hard to tell how much of that is cz and how much is 5 other exchanges going bankrupt and forcing everyone to binance

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Lock in profits.

Im shorting this top.

could range here for 3-4 days though

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I hope you understand that to an outsider: you and this guy are indistinguishable.


Well i suppose that just means you are ignorant about these kinds of things then.

That's what "an outsider" usually means, yes.
But the fact of the matter is that truth is in the eye of the beholder.

My portfolio has been at ATH for months.. no bagholding.

lol for months?

Yes. Ever since world cup

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looking if it dumps at 1:30pm in 15 minutes.

looking to enter short at 28600.

These trades are acceptable but fomc is tomorrow and might ruin your setups

yeah that's why I am looking to short, I am doing low leverage to avoid the wicks.

spike pre fomc
nuke post fomc
recovery over 3 days to 28k

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the fact that we agree means thats probably not whats going to happen unfortunately

U guys are incredibly gay

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Exciting day today, cant wait to see this unfold


What's the Euler exploiter

Some project called euler got exploited for like 100m or something


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