February Design Update

I thought this was going to be Dan’s unveiling of the streamer side bar. I have been le trolled.

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has anyone done any analysis of this game using the hypergeometric distribution yet?

@Agubar can you repost that meme with the bonbibonkers and ricardo i cant find it

theres a billion u gotta be more specific

the one that starts with hard times then zooms out to reveal it was on a screen and then transitions into some guy watching ricardo on a screen

was a pretty high quality edit

Back end stream work is done dansgame

Looking forward to it


Closest I could think of

actually not closest but this one is good as fuck

He meant “Ricardo shock 2”

yeah i dont have that one sadly

Just google it

good to know yeah this ones good

sometimes i make up imaginary scenarios in my head where people treat me unfairly and i start crying to myself