Fight over border intensifies as Texas governor pledges more razor wire

Dude i have unfortunate news for you i dont think anybody cares :frowning:

That's pretty gangster tbh

I think its cool migrant children drown

not americas problem

Yeah but it could be your family

Yeah, the democrats are replacing white people by importing in a new voter class but it's okay because when Donald Trump wins we're going to get rid of democracy and if you've got a problem with that you're going to be murdered.

That didn't really work out for other countries that tried it.

You're uneducated and ignorant; you should quiet down and read a book or two before you speak again.

They didn't have democracy in the first place to get rid of in this case.

You've had your Pax America for the last 200 years. Time to accept reality - it's not getting any better...

You should fly to Mexico, illegally immigrate into the USA, and then begin packing your bags for when we send you back after Trump's inauguration.


I'd rather pack my bags and immigrate legally as a refugee once my country goes into collapse and civil war soon enough.

There's not going to be any legal immigration. What are you talking about.

You need to fly to Mexico, hop the border, and then immediately start packing your bags in preparation of deportation. If you fly in within the next few months, you'll have enough time to get settled before you're ejected from this once beautiful country.

It's genuinely worth a watch

This dude is so libtard and stupid it's hard to watch.


No I would tell them don't do it