Fightcade 2 (Mvc2, 3s, ST, etc)

Fightcade 2 came out. For those who do not know, this is software that allows you to netplay emulated fighting games with quality netcode. The big addition to fightcade 2 is a better emulator and the addition of Naomi board games (meaning MvC2 and CvS2)

Anyone playing? I just installed it and am shaking off the rust

@huber Can't get nulldc to work atm, but would be interested in playing some marvel if I get it sorted out

I got it working, but it was hard to find a good match. I think some people have shit PCs or something, or maybe I do idk. It runs really well offline on my computer so I dont think it is me.

oh wow I just found a super good match rn. plays really well.

wooo boy I am so bad at this game I am running back to 3s for now

I'm trying to run it on Linux and I think I have an issue with Wine or something.

Sadly I think the best way to play marvel currently is on xbox360 / ps3 which was one of the very first games with GGPO, but you can't buy anymore and people have to resort to game sharing gimmicks on ps3 to get more players

for CVS2 I think people are using a different newer forked version of nulldc:

I didn't realize nulldc is also an Atomiswave emulator and I was hoping to try out some Hokuto no Ken

game looks hillarious

I just did what this video said with the rompack file and it worked for me

after you do what it says, when you go to fightcade and enter a naomi game's room, the roms and shit just automatically download and set up

yeah that only works on windows I think,

I may throw together a separate windows computer and try again later

oh shit htats kinda exciting. i always wanted to be a capcom vs snk player.

hows the netcode? is it rollback? they just added that to melee and ive finally seen the light.

no rollback for cvs2 or any games running on nulldc, the other emulators fightcade uses do have rollback implemented

The games running on FBNeo are not only rollback, but the original and best rollback. That means ST, Third Strike, Alpha 2&3, KOF 98/2002, Vampire Savior, and a ton more on the best rollback netcode out there.

But like airhogs said, Naomi games like CvS2 are still on a delay based netcode. I haven't played CvS2 on it, but I have found some really smooth MvC2 games on it.

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havent played any of those games but maybe its time.

might check out third strike. the only SF game i've played is 4.