Recently me and the goys have been getting into fightcade. We've tried SF 2 turbo and sf 3rd strike. We really like the genre and are looking more people to get in on the action, maybe do a few weeklies. Anyone into any fighting games? fightcade is free and has rollback on pretty much every fighting game pre sf4

can't win them all

what kind of joystick should I get?


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im thinking something like this

wanna play melee?


we haven't tried any platform games. just fightcade stuff so far

@huber !!

You wait until i completely desert the teamspeak to start playing games other than Dota? Fuck you too.

I spend 3 hours every day trying to convince these people to play anything other than Dota only to be gaslit and macrotrolled/made fun of for hours, and the week after i leave they start playing Non-Dota games

what games do you play?

honestly we're preparing for sf6 at this point in 3rd strike. nma mains ryu, i flex ibuki/akuma

Fuck you. I spend 3 hours everyday trying to convince you to play Rust and all you do is make fun of me.

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Fuck you. I spend 3 hours everyday trying to convince you to play V-Rising and all you do is make fun of me.


Hahaha. It's fun beating @lwyrup all the time but I can't say I'm a big fan of the genre.


Everything but strategy, Sims, and fighting games

i urge you to reconsider. in just 2 sessions i've taught nma the basics and we just need a few more people to keep to fresh. i didn't like any fighting games until i bought strive and that game is pretty bad but it's so empty and barebones that it can teach you every concept you need to understand in a few hours

i played melee a lot back in the day and got decent at all the mkx ninjas but kind of lost interest. fighting games are hella demanding