Final Warning. *SERIOUS*

Currently listening to James Blunt and contemplating dog imagery

I liked the idea of exchanging letters with female inmates more

Is vanilla wow out yet

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A forum full of socially maladjusted people would be no match for Female twitch streamers and we'd quickly end up as the ones being exploited


What I've been saying the whole time

but the thing is if our goal is to reach the pinnacle of high-skilled mafia gameplay I think it would be a mistake to leave this potentially exploitative, manipulative and sociopathic audience unexplored

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we definitely write letters to inmates for the memes guys

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can i shit in here

Hell yeah my mouth is vacant


Dan's entire head is vacant


Nyte tell kyle to shut the fuck up

i have a big story on the world of warcraft guild. its a story that i've been working undercover on for 3 years and it's nearing completion.

What's it about

Kyle being repeatedly denied for admin to yet another irrelevant video game community

no they made me their leader but i didnt want to lead

I can confirm. Kyle was the leader we always needed but he didn't want to be it. He was the only one who could carry us through myhic, being a top level mw monk

Anyone wanna play 3s when 8.2 comes out shitters only

this is accurate.