Finishing My College Degree Blog Thread

The plan of attack is calculus III, ODEs, then PDEs.

Doing basic arithmetic is EXTREMELY satisfying.

This is the textbook I will be using:

I am at CROSS PRODUCT if anyone would like to follow along.


Make sure you copy the problem down right.

Copy it where? Your vim window? You're not using pen and paper are you?

calculus III was my favorite course throughout my entire undergrad. its was all downhill after that

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Are you fucking kidding me? This has got to be illegal right? I go to diversify my retirement fund (currently: 50% spce, 50% gamestop) with some nice inverse etfs and brokers have decided they won't even sell them because they've decided it's unethical to bet against the market. It's The Big Short all over again.


You're cringe


Is this the one with volume integrals

fidelity lets u

gonna wipe my account with tvix

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cringe at having no GRPO in ur portfolio

Thanks all for the hot stock tips

bruh just build a crypto currency mining shack running off of solar. There is your retirement right there.

Calculate the number of Valence electrons in a 1x1x1 copper cube.

=> index thread bubble thread

gdc cancelled