First game of fortnite

First game of fortnite, made it to top 15 b4 laptop crashed. Need a better one.

DotA is a ded game. It will probably never disappear because it makes valve $. In reality i see why its dead now compared to fortnite.

Need new laptop already this shit is crack fuck dota lol

Love you all, imma make that fat fornite money and come back and take over NA with a Mexican team.

waking up without a hangover on a sunday holy shit what a world

this but tuesday

just get loaded on friday night

i get loaded every night im a mailman BABE

i used to on 2-3 cans of these some times 4.

My sleep is all fucked up because I would sleep like 12 hours if i had those. Id drink like 2.5 knock out wake up and finish the rest and knock out for another couple hours.

Now im trying to sleep like 12 hours and its just not happening.

Would sleep at like 9pm. Used to be above my head on my window sill. All my drunk ass had to do was reach up and id have the last beer at like 4am and sleep till 9am

alcoholics in michigan do it with natty daddys

personally the adjustment wasn't hard you just have to get active. i took up disc golfing to habituate myself to actual exercise

thats huge lol

Its just not natural to sleep that long. Went to sleep at like 9:30 last night, woke up at 4:45. Wish it could be longer, thats normal i think.

these and labatt ice 8%

im gonna fuckin kill u

for sobering up?

I realized I posted this in the wrong thread

My b