Flatsix discord mafia

The year is 2021 and Flatsix Discord and needs to start the new year off right by shedding its worst residents with a tribunal. However, will4zoo and Drawed don't plan to go out quietly. You must vote them out before Drawed is able to make another awful twitter post and before will4zoo sends another email to his bookie detailing how Trump actually won.

Beware! Airwave and gogey have ulterior motives as they wish to tribunal themselves so that they can start a competing Arthouse Cinema Discord. If they are tribunaled, they win the game and are free to watch Criterion.

pepper is fucking creepy and likes stalking his fellow discord members. With his 1992 Toyota Previa and a tupperware full of Babul's famous pirozhkis, he knows what you did last night.

jing has created cutting-edge tribunal software at his tech start-up with the help of Sunjeet, the best employee he's ever had. He can use his software to tribunal one person per night.


  • jing - can choose to kill another player each night. Wins with town
  • pepper - can stalk another player and learn what they did that night. Wins with town
  • gogey & Airwave - factional communication and one roleblock per night (can choose who makes the roleblock) and not informed if roleblock alters game state. Win when BOTH are tribunal'd via day vote. If one dies from night kill, there is no win condition for remaining player
  • will4zoo & Drawed - factional communication and one kill per night (can choose who makes the kill). Win when only will4zoo &/or Drawed are left alive
  • 5 discord town members

town member pm example:
Welcome to Flatsix Discord Mafia ! You are a vanilla discord townie.
You have no active abilities.
You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.
Confirm by replying to this PM with a summary of your role.

This set-up is just copy and pasted from Paris Mafia

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It's been ages since I visited the discord channel. I miss you guys.

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miss you too buddy

not sure if..


Also jing is in your discord? Lol

I also find it funny that it's the flatsix discord mafia but there's no flatshits

need 8 more :grinning:



@SuPA @faZ @Friend @Jae @iaafr @Roragok @magicmagininja @Mimic

hey pepperi hear you go to a preftigious school. I got into one of those too xd



no mafia make a boy sad

this site is awful and dead

Like ashley babbit


Can anyone give me an invite to the discord?
I seem to be dumped from it.