Florida Condo Collapse

From a structural engineering point of view right now. Everyone is trying to see who do you blame for what happened in Florida

Dude has no neck.

What's your theory plasma

Landlords do tend to be... Well...

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no theory, they're just trying to shift the blame on somebody

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IDF did it to attempt to stop MCAFEE's Dead man switch but its too late. McAfee wins.

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until the files leak or are posted mcafee lost

its a very complicated deadmans switch give it time. I'll try and find the audio but mcafee said that himself.

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wanna wager that it's bullshit and will never come to light?

It's easy to decry faith.

empty posit/intimidation attempt, not to mention these people involved in his hypothetical deadmans switch are aware of his death and wouldve done whatever they had to do beyond that

im sure it's just bullshit to intimidate smaller governments into not messing with him so he can do whatever he pleases, but ill be happy to say i was wrong when that stuff comes out :)


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20 days.


What is this supposed to be

Is there any proof this was made by mcafee or a member of his “team”

I’m not exactly following the schizo mcafee shit because I normally don’t closely follow schizo shit but in the age of crypto currency, and considering mcafee has literally created (or funded) cryptocurrencies I don’t think it would be too hard to put out a PGP key to prove this was directly related to him. PGP has been used for like at least 20 years at this point if not more