Food review: Beets

This food review is centered around the most noble vegetable, Beets

Takes about 45 minutes at 325 degrees to cook them thoroughly. Very messy to peel once cooked in foil. Great in soups, salads, etc.

Not a fan.

Well, then. fuck off



Beets? Why don't you cut out the middleman and eat a mouthful of dirt?

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squishy spongy dirt that goes down in gelatinous chunks and sticks on your teeth

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i like beets
except they will give you super loose bowels (juice especially) and make you think you're dying when you pee red

Yeah the only good thing about beets is the brief moment of existential dread when it comes out the other end

broccoli best vegetable

if you’re eating beets plain squeeze some lemon juice on them, gamechanger

They make a good side salad for shnitzel potato turkey

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goddamnit i miss eating meat

there was a german restaurant and you could literally just order a plate of beige meat with potato pancakes and spatzle it was the best goddamn motherfucking thing ever

bratwurst, red cabbage, kraut, cordon bleu, schnitzel kdopsajoidjhouasjhdoiuJSWIPDJISPDJPID

I don't think I've ever eat beets

Great in salads with some goat cheese

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Why’s this spam

my mom shreds them and fries them with lemon and some vinegar and they're DOPE

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My mom doesn't cook

Boiled beets are the best. Incredibly tasty, very earthy but also surprising sweet like corn.
Pickled / canned beets are FUCKING GROSS.

Also you can eat the greens, don't throw those away. Very good with a small amount of chopped bacon.

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