football or something

Apparently it’s back and now my bar is no longer quiet. So many new loud faces.

When’s the season over?

The one thing about football is you can be sure to avoid certain nights and never have to deal with the crowd.

Also since you said or something, how would you as a dm handle a player who was creating a pc around a single goal of one day becoming a Lich?

Dodged a girl trying to hit on me yesterday when I accidentally showed up to a Sunday night football gathering, miss me with that pig skin

Vikings 1-0.

see how it plays out. he might end up the next bbeg.

Like perhaps he kills the bbeg wizard or whatever but finally finds the book that contains how to construct a phylactery. insert betrayal scene where he non violently(towards existing party) leaves the party and now you have to play a new character. unless everyone is just doing a murder hobo campaign.

i ddint realize football was back. what a mistake going out was. I shoulda stayed in and continued farming. stardew valley is a great time.

Vikings 1-0-1