Forbidden Internet Meme Knowledge thread

Why did cooking mama mine btc, you cannot explain this. Why is the btc white paper hidden in all mac os after 2018?

the exalt council worked with the elders to infiltrate our operating systems but an xcom raid in 2015 succeeded in killing their personnel. they've now switched to the ground war and are deploying ADVENT in rural baluchistan to establish a beachhead for their ground war to harvest human dna

i still refute all these claims on the grounds that a game titled cooking mama exists

more likely: refpsi is actually a deep agent planting false flags and distracting from the real alien threat on the ground. he's clearly indoctrinated


Birds aren't real.

Can anyone explain this?

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i have an idea

i want you to write me the most batshit insane plot idea story thing you can think of and I will do everything in my power to write it out and post it here, just for us

it can be your version of reality, what you wish reality was, what you think the future holds, anything

light reflects? you literally have to change angles to see it. People are so dumb they got trolled by 3rd grader logic.

I dont understand mirrors to be honest.

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Yeah its where rays go out in dvddy direction heard that on lex fridmqn

Mirrors use ray tracing? But I thought that was invented by Skyrim?

lex friendman has such an annoying voice i absolutely cannot listen to him talk

he sounds like he's part snake or something weird like that

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He's gotta be on the spectrum

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lex fridman is artificially inflated by the youtube algorithm: he is the radicalist off-ramp a la ben shapiro on facebook

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Harambe was a targeted assassination, any gorilla keeper could of easily got the child back.


Why kill harambe

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