Forbidden Internet Meme Knowledge thread

Amouranth was born a man.
Twitch manipulates algos to make soul sellers gain more traction see adin ross/kai cent.
Andrew tate was originally controlled opp but he turned and got arrested, he is also gay, and likely got sodomized during his "prison: time.

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will post more later as i recall it.

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the dark mod fan mission designer of the William Steele series, Grayman, lost his battle with cancer in 2021 and is now featured in easter eggs throughout other recent fan mission creations

Twitch tv was bought by amazon and since then many big streamers took "contracts" to promote political agendas the most notorious sell out was trihex, who was simply a speed runner who played yoshis island but fell off and decided to push politics.

Resident sleeper/kreygasm were removed/altered because the original man behind it didnt accept it. Brianslug was removed under the guise of racial agenda but the reality was he denied the contract as well.

Only fans is used to create pornography of 18-14 year olds who bought the fantasy, the reality of only fans is its used to launder money. By giving subscriptions they are effectively able to clean money through back channels.

The top book sellers in america do not actually sell that many copies, in fact, nobody even gives a damn about them or their work. Book selling is also used to launder money.

The best way to sell a book is to print it and sell copies for 5 dollars outside SIGNED., if anyone wants to help me buy a printer i appreciate it. Im a lil down bad right now. but i fully intend ot have the best selling book.

TIL laundering money is a meme


these memes are fucking shit this could have actually been a dank lore thread

Randomizers were created to trap people into reliving their favorite games over and over again in a way they are worshiping the creation of the game which is the beast, every video traps a demonic entity inside it living its perfect life, it escapes to astral realms when people are able to modify its design to whatever liking it choses, it becomes a God demon.

Video game modification is no different from human augmentation, it pollutes the original design of its true creator.

ok now you crossed the line lil buddy

me learning how to mod total war to make numidia playable is not transhumanism

Overide vpk was removed not for cheaters but so that the player of dota 2 had no power over his own game and thus was fully submitted to the will of psycholigist who work at valve corp.

Cheaters on dota are wide spread. Its much easier and much more common to cheat on dota two, all you need to do is subscribe to dota plus and match making will favor you.

data's not even client side small son

All major operating systems since 2018 mine btc in the background while you use your computer, memory leaks in programs are a desync between the mining taking your computer processing power and what the program seeks to do. Hence why the btc white paper was found in mac os after 2018

the last thing i posted is the most important thing to realize, they have since expanded this backdoor mining to all pow coins.

Cooking mama for the switch was removed from the switch store because it was found to mine btc.
Search cooking mama bitcoin mining.

if the cooking mama devs could figure it out, best believe all major OS figured it long ago, plus all those app devs made apps to do the same thing too.

ahh yes the great 'bitcoin heist of 2018'. the ghost council of obzedat and the high arbiter have dismissed these claims