Forum rollback? [CONFIRMED]

Seems to have lost an entire day of posts. This is unacceptable.
@SOPHIE @Roragok

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maybe it was a good thing. I bet one of those posts was so bad it brought the whole system down.

Darkbyte did that at least once.
But this is all on :b:an

Thank you for the minimal downtime admins.

Almost couldn't get back in. Didnt know my email and password

Can we get a list of all the posts that happened that I will never read because i did not read the site yesterday?

I think Benny had some posts in his thread. Not sure how the admins are going to make this up for him.

admins need to make this right.

The new user @bug had some posts too.

the hell happened to this place

thanks browser for remembering my pw

Removed a like from one of my posts. This is the last straw.


Yeah the backup i had to restore from was around 10:30 est on the 22nd.

Discourse released a lot of updates that failed a db migrate rake and locked down the instance. had to launch a whole new instance and restore from a backup. lost a few plugins as well that were not converted to ember5.

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we lost emoji reacts?
@SOPHIE get to work
(or revert to old version)

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Nobody will know that im a goy affiliate

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Seriously - we lost at least 10k emoji made reactions on posts. This is a lot more serious than 1 day rollback.

All prior reacts are gone, part of @Osiris footprint lost forever.....

Retort was one of the plugins that was not compatible.