Forum-wide Apology: Jones.

Sign the Apology Below:
  • I hereby repent for my sins, and apologize for disrespecting, mocking, and hurting my fellow forum member "Jones".

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I apologize for failing you jones. You are a prized member of the community and deserve better.

In addition: The Cultured Urbanite will not be returning to the forum until "TheGreatWingdingi" is banned.


That might be a win-win either way.

Please tell him I said thank you for respecting his ban

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This needs a I do Not consent to apologizing option for the iaafrs in the crowd

Several pople have asked me again to do something about certain users they don't like.

Once again, I want to reiterate that freedom of belief, opinion, whatever is a facet of this site and one I stick by. Block a user if you don't like them. If they're mods, I'll show you how to block them in particular. You are free to complain, rally users, criticize idiotic posters and posts, etc.

Just don't spam, don't endlessly spew hate, don't post graphic shit, and you're good.

■■■ pretended we could run a poll to un-elect all of the moderators then just jerked himself off in a private chat with me for a month (inappropriate) made me a mod (insulting) and called it a day


Let's make something very clear: I have never had a single interaction with the police. I have no speeding tickets, violations, etc. I have been pulled over once for running a red light, which I ran because it was raining and the road was slick, and then was let off. I have never done any drugs, I have never smoked, I have never drank alcohol: I am a teetotaler. I have spent numerous years working with children in a volunteer capacity: helping dumb children with reading and mathematics. I have COSPLAYED as the Cat In the Hat for the little children at a local elementary school. I have returned wallets, dollar bills that have been dropped, etc. to random people in parking lots.

I have done work where if there is a lack of attention to detail people will end up dying. I have completed this work with little to no oversight or aid. I show up to work on time and have a non-fake job. I am not stupid and can understand things very quickly. I refuse to work on projects that will bring nothing but evil (USGAE).

I am at a loss as to how I can go through my everyday life in society as such, with little to no problems, but on this forum, I can barely go a week without being hassled by ■■■■■■■■

As an autistic moral paragon, I say this with objectivity and extreme seriousness: if you are reading this post, you should expedite your suicide immediately. Kill yourself as quickly as possible. You are a horrible person and should end your life as soon as possible.

Commit suicide; it would be better if you killed your family as well and anyone else who "loves" you. Know this: it is for the good of humanity.

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You exist on a forum where you are unable to say the word "■■■■■■■■ You are fundamentally unserious and the corresponding facade that you are is a travesty to humanity. Stop being a ■■■■■■ or end your life.

I can say ■■■■■■■" or "■■■■■■■ in a middle school lunchroom and not on the completely fake internet reality simulacrum completely populated by 26+ year old men.

I don't really even care if I can say ■■■■■■■" or "■■■■■■■ frankly; it's moreso the potemkin of complexity, "empathy", "righteousness" to hide that you are unthinking cattle. To the butcher you should go.

Jordan Peterson - "Society can only continue if you kill yourself and your family": take it to heart.

wait am i a moderator? how do i check

oh sick

Remove Grimelimes as a moderator. It's time to take a stand

anyways, i'm sorry jones. :sob:


I'm sure those posts stated are in the vein of what I described as the very small amount of posts that are not condoned (it was probably your stomping matty post)

And let me know if you get edits to your posts in the future and I'll handle it