Forums PSA: Poster "Axosh" is Not Spit-wad

Thank you.

That’s not true.

It is certainly true. I’m sure the audience is laughing at your lack of knowledge about the old Nadota forums!

laughing maniacally, waves traveling over twice the mach number of the fluid in the vat I reside Hahahaha. It is very funny that you do not know, and therefore are Not Human

Not very funny! Nobody on the forum finds this funny!
You should stop misinforming the users. @Axosh is spitwad

laughs booming, creating visible shock cavitation through the rubble of what was once my parent’s house
Hahahahaha… You are too feeble to heed the truth. The environment you were raised in was not one that creates confidence. You are much like C**** W*****… incapable of comprehending the Axosh = Spit-wad fallacy.

Asterisk key breaks in half at the end of this line of text
Hahahaha! Ah-hahahahahahHAHAHAHAHA!

Not very witty or clever. Your humor is as bad as @SOPHIE when he changed my name - the humor of a child in denial.
Unfortunately you are incapable of being creative so you will have to resort to this sort of " sarcastic mockery". Just very embarrassing and childish, you really are underdeveloped in every aspect.

Flinging Shit at the walls - like a child throwing a tantrum - is what you’re doing right now.

Your humor is that of a nile crocodile - said with a wry smile. You are not capable of speaking in parable like me. I spent hours reading psychoanalysis wikipedia articles, therefore, I am an adult, and you are a mere child. Your truth and reason is no match for my blind condescension. I will levy an “ad-hominem” against you if you dare reciprocate my words.

I will suggest that you have spent the entire time thinking while you’ve had the posting dialog box open, and how this could possibly be a measure of your capacity, not ever thinking about how someone might not care about a videogame forum.

Again, the only funny part here is the Irony in your ad hominem comment as that is what you actually do. Try again! Spend 5 more minutes writing a failed joke that nobody will laugh at.

I will capitalize Random words for no reason, like I am Writing gospel. I will also speak in blatant Lies, and peddle Them as truths.

Are you on new medication that reduces your self awareness even further? You really are just acting like a crying baby here.


Again - strawmanning is the only way you can form an argument.

I love when you post gems like this, Nmagane.

Given up with the standup comedy act?

@a2pas Your jokes in this thread were as funny as some late night John Oliver type show. I wouldn’t be
surprised if that was your inspiration even!
Try to stick to your guns - debating other politically obsessed Narcissists - instead of trying to childishly mock me and failing miserably.

I will analyze the rest later, something came up.