Four More Years Thread

Preemptive 4 more years thread

Debates starting next week

When debates start we can discuss which candidates are automatically disqualified for looking weird (making them likely targets for hilarious schoolyard bullying at the hands of the current President)

8 more to Bernie :smile:

posting on topic


glad you included translations for the hieroglyphics on this cave drawing
hope i'm not getting the wrong message

I wouldn't be surprised if someone claimed their opponent needs to have sex during the debates. Dumb but funny. Not like literally have sex during the debate, but the stupid meme I'm seeing everywhere of people telling other people to "have sex".

me in the bottom left

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U think they will go to war before the election? Seems like a way to boost support and if you lose the election, you leave them to clean up your mess while blaming them for whatever goes wrong.

if u think we are going to war with Iran you are mistaken

I don't think anything. I'm a moron. Doesn't mean it can't happen.

if John Bolton had his way wed probably be doing it already

he called it off after they shot one of our spy drones in their air-space down. called it off like an hour or less before it was supposed to happen.

just a show honestly for 2020

no way these ministers and people in charge (bolton, pompeo, shanahan) would be so dumb to prepare such an excessive attack and actually go through with it

no they would go through with it and bomb the fuck out of iran. I don't know what USA you're thinking of. hillary would have done the same

Hillary did much more for much less

you’re right, but that strike could’ve been super crucial, like a point of no return

It's really odd how Bush started all the shenanigans in Iraq while at the same time brokered an agreement with Ghadafi to leave him alone and then Clinton/Obama did the exact opposite pulling troops out of Iraq while taking sides in the Libyan civil war.

Hillary's hawkishness was the reason I did not and would not ever vote for her.

I think hillary would have involved herself in Syria but I don't think Iran would be at threat