wrong hate speech is a blanket term.

free speech was llimited not to include slander/defamation, aka u cant insult people rich enough to sue you lmfao, but you can do it if you are rich enough to prove your insults are valid. hate speech is their latest attempt to limit what you can and cant say, but this time they can use it on poor people, and convince poor people to be monitored by other poor people in what they say.

when you use a term like hate speech you are helping the elite control the world views because anything they dont want you to whisper they will make the person you are whispering it to deem it offensive.

if i insult someone it is not hurting their life, especially when my insults are relevant. Do you know how many high level intellectual debates of the past got heated? Socrates and other philosophers were SAVAGE AS FUCK, but they understood the principle of free speech. Nowadays people are so weak they dont understand how important it is to call someone a faggot ass cunt.

homie diogenes used to stunt on ya pussies