What does freedom mean to you?


Didn’t we do this already before

Freedom is being able to set my physical dimensions at arbitrary lengths, when I like.

it aint free, that's for sure

When I think of freedom I think of a man in a Ruff Ryder's jacket I saw doing a wheelie down the shoulder of I-5 while the rest of us were stuck in gridlock traffic.

Making money how i please. Minus illeagal drugs weapons and or anything that can harm people.

throwing milkshakes at shitheads

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saying "UNDER GOD" during the pledge of allegiance 100 times louder than the rest of the pledge.

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Freedom is a collective civil restraint that allows for a morally fair life.

For example you arent free if everyone can murder, how is it freedom if someone can just pull up and take your life, nah there has to be restraints in freedom. Thats why we have kind of an unspoken laws of fairness, and spoken written laws of fairness. A perfect balance between all these things allow for you to be as free as possible.

Imo America has always done being free best, we can say pretty much everything we want. But with the internet people have been blurring these lines and nowadays if you get caught dropping the N word with a hard R you can lose your job, we never had that before, we're hiting a weird point in what we consider freedom, some people really believe in this social punishment. Thats not freedom if my words have consenquences. We have to understand that freedom is on the teeter tooter right now, and some of ya are so far in political correctness ya gon let words be the power to remove a mans freedom.

We drew the lines of words on threats/violence because you are threating someone elses freedom, but now if they catch you saying ■■■■■■, you lose your job, thats not freedom, losing a job is a consequence that has massive rippling effects. Thats not freedom, we're taking freedom away when we do that.

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What do you mean by that?

Seemed appropriate based on timing.

Interesting. Freedom of speech doesn't entail freedom of consequence of your speech.


what is jail but a consequence of an illegal action?

Under your definition, you are free to murder, but you can go to jail.

Freedom of speech is freedom of consequences of speech. If you punish people for something they are not free to do it.

I think the situation here is that you are using another entity's platform. They have the capability to remove you from their platform. You are still capable of creating your own platform, or using another platform to discuss your opinions.

wow are you telling me a private corp does not have to look at the first amendment?

thank u for the US law lessons i am very new

The platform has rules and regulations that you agree upon in order to use it. If you break this contract, they have the right to remove you from their service.

Interesting, I see your point. I'd have to think more about this and get back to you.

Freedom of speech was decided years ago to not include hate speech. Hate speech is also infringing on someone else's freedom of being able to live without prosecuted for reasons like their skin color, gender, disabilities, or sexual orientation (all things outside of their control)

Why you might find the N word to be non-threatening, unhurtful, or 'just a word bro' not everyone does. It still holds a lot of meaning when race tensions are very real.

How is that not part of some unspoken law of fairness? And if it isn't, why can't it become one?