fuck C.Kaepernick, just copped USA flag kicks

Because of that fuck bwoi I just coped these

Sick and tired of people shitting on my Murican brethren and their beautiful flag

Respect from across the snow border :usa2:

looks like a bastardization of the American flag tho

Couldn't wait for the better cop?


best one I could get. One had a European Union flag attached to it, some high top vans

Nah, these my pan handling shoes, need them now.

there was size 8 low cut air force ones for 300$. I dont ahve that kind of scratch see

there is a size 11 i just found. But hese. 11 too small


is that from your FB feed

can u imagine nmaGane could have been american with the correct coin flip

It's my personal take on the situation which I also felt I should share here

Removed my name for privacy

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It's pretty disrespectful to use the American flag as attire. Really shameful stuff tbh

Unless it's for an official slu_mp squad jacket

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donate one of those 2 me pl-x

Go fuck yourself Canuck scum.

You had your chance to join the more perfect union, and yet you chose to remain under the commonwealth heel of King George III.

You chose,

and you shall remain,




when i went to the grocery store today there was some dude wearing a T shirt that had the American flag with some shitty quote on the front. the back was like a Jersey except the last name was AMERICA and the number was 16.

he was 55 or 60. also had on dark blue plaid pajama pants

God damn America inshallah

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