fuck these commies

Teachers are protesting for more money in Toronto on the streets.

I went to my old highschool today with a sign that said fuck these commies

Didnt film it. Needless to say it pissed them off and police came and told me to fuck off. It definitely hit them some where good. I'm doing it again if they protest again. But across the road this time. I got in trouble for standing with them xD

Some teachers in shitholes like Oklahoma are well within reason to do something like that

But I always find it interesting how teachers unions always wait until the school year starts to launch a strike and impede children's education, as if they don't have a 3 month window of free time available every year to sort out their grievances with their respective districts.

They commie ass pieces of shit thats why

If you showed up to my teacher union rally by yourself u would get smoked Rodney King style

No i wouldnt.

Liberals turn into Socialists which then inevitably turn into Communists -- productivity grinds to a halt and then everybody starves to death. Tghat's why the only noble way is to live and die by Natural Selection and Free Markets as God intended.

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Don't understand why teachers would demand more pay. It's arguably less demanding and unskilled than the most unskilled labor.

Fuck you with your books nigga these kids need WISDOM. We aint in here sitrin around lookin ar your dumbass books we in here to LEARN nigga, i ain't see no one learning nigga. Half theze kids be in jail before they turn 25 you ever THINK about that? Fuck outta here with that shii

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I'm your new basketball coach.

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I'm the new basketball conch. You niggas need to straighten up.

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Fuck youall niggas who live behind the buildings i was hustlin' callin' the police on me when i was just tryin'to make some money to feed my daughter

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striking teachers are good


I wouldn't strike a teacher but id strike nmamane

got a letter from the school that im banned from their property until december 4th 2020 xD

It’s public property bro they can’t ban you

They can under the we are school and scared you will shoot us provision

I would have sent you to the gulag. You got off easy.