fuck you big benny

<15:47:16> "notjones": can we rename some of these channels

<15:47:22> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": im not sure what came over lemon

<15:47:24> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": to do this

<15:47:27> "notjones": "big benny stealing paypal money for drugs and alcohol"

<15:47:38> "notjones": "big benny leaving his friends to do DMT in an eastern european warehouse"

<15:47:48> "notjones": "big bennys life starts: when he leaves his internet friends"

<15:47:54> "notjones": hes a fucking snake nmaGane

<15:47:58> "notjones": im like a rabid unpredictable dog

<15:48:02> "notjones": but big bennys a fucking snake

<15:48:03> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": hes a really stupid person - thats all

<15:48:04> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": not a Snake

<15:48:05> "notjones": hes got snake eyes

<15:48:33> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": he realds too much buzzfeed and reddit

<15:48:52> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": "sex is extremely important for a mental health"

<15:48:54> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": shit ilke that

<15:49:04> "notjones": whatever he does

<15:49:09> "notjones": is what he believes to be right

<15:49:12> "notjones": he subscribes to ideology

<15:50:12> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": "no way fantano takes money for his reviews. that shit gets leaked all the time"

<15:50:14> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": fucking retard

<15:50:20> "notjones": LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

<15:50:31> "notjones": fuck big benny

<15:50:36> "notjones": id copy paste this to the blog thread

<15:50:38> "notjones": if i hadnt posted

<15:50:38> "notjones": 10 times

<15:50:41> "notjones": fuck you big benny

<15:50:45> "notjones": in case i do get to post

<15:50:59> "AThirdOfTheWaterBecameWormwood": might as awell make it a new thread

is ur discord name a notjack reference?

More conflict in the Goy Club?
@anon75925521, thoughts?

look at the channel names. what the FUCK is wrong with you big benny

stupid motherfucker. this forum will become the killing fields and I will become your own personal khmer revolutionary.

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other than nostalgia why do you use teamspeak instead of discord?

anyone know how to read a teamspeak screenshot?


Why are you trying to manipulate @nyte?

who the fuck is @nyte ?


Jones trying his hardest to get any attention possible from nyte

It’s pretty sad.


Why was this thread made?

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