Fully decided on picking up javascript

You guys have any starter suggestions? I’ve already got some stuff down like making dropboxes and giving them different colors but i’m blank past that point.

Seeing as this website has pretty profilic coders this might be a good place to kickstart my carreer.

thinking about picking up python in grad school but i haven’t completed linear algebra yet

Finish this course and then we'll talk

i cant fathom anyone sifting through all this shit without having some sort of academic responsibility

Almost lost my mind putting together a fucking glowing box in javascript

There’s a lot of documentation/ tutorials/ training programs out there and some of it is worse than others

It helps to have people to tell you either “yea keep learning that” or “no don’t invest time there it’s a waste of time”

It also helps to find good resources that meet your learning style. My learning style is mostly focused on doing stuff and experimenting so i liked the codecademy site.

My input is anything that doesn’t have you hands-on isn’t good, don’t learn anything about jquery, do learn everything you can about promises and asyncronocity even if it doesn’t really make sense right now

Do a lot of those like puzzle type things - they make your brain bigger

i dont even understand asynchronicity bruh

i got some work i can farm off on you for amazon gift cards turk get in contact with me