galaxy brain emote when

important thread here.

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fuck you moron



im big brained all day.

same dude you couldn’t even imagine

I can simulate having all your beliefs to near perfection my processing power and database is insane


yeah thats why sometimes i be walking away from my computer, i stay unpredictable to this google shit, they still aint figure me out yet.

Have you guys seen brainstorm?

Quote vote emote when

Google has figured out us all

I need the emotes in the damn thread to add them

i SUGGESTED galaxy brain

Feel like you’ve used that image in some of your memes before

Can I get a lore ✓

Does anyone know the meme in question?

you used it to mock the pig guy or plazma but thats all i recall

also @iaafr request completed with some other random brain ones, just missing the first brain level but i didnt see a good pic for it :)

Narcassism - pure and simple.

incorrect, it was a meme about professional dota failures who’re always touching their faces