Game of thrones

Watching first episode close to the end.

This show is disgusting. Is this what degenerate western society likes?

No wonder ur countries are falling apart.

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Yeah we lost our ways. What happened to quail farming and being an ongoing professional dota failure?


Walks into thread


Walks out of the thread


Walks back in

You know what?

Fuck you, buddy.


Slams door so hard furnitures visibly shake and tumble around


I remember when his quail all committed suicide by leaping out the window to their deaths rather than live with him.

i enjoy how plasmas talking from the point of view of someone who should be like a good upstanding christian family man except he's a coke addict alcoholic trying to court south americans to make tier 3 dota teams in 2021


I want to watch it but i don't feel like watching the rape and tits. I'm okay

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SA dota coming. Imagine paying yanks when I can pay Mexicans $2 an hour to do their job

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SA comin soon. Was talking to the gm in Peru. It was funny dude suggested talkinghto a carpenter to build the beds and desks for the team because it would be cheaper loooooool that's something I've never heard of

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i am anti rape but pro tits

also never watched got

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Watch it

Its uncomfortable it just comes out of no where

the first 3 seasons are great. the rest are decent up until like 6 or 7 i forget then they tank in a hurry


1-3 prob best TV ever made

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4 is pretty great too


If you skip over the sex scenes it's not as hethonistic. I like the midget the most he's funny. Wish I had his social iq

Tyrion was my favorite in the books as well.