[GAME] Theatrical Performance ; Day 3

Big-benny - vanilla town, was killed

Players remaining:

  1. @Derumination
  2. @Ian
  3. @Roragok
  4. @sdadasdas
  5. @rose
  6. @old_electrowizard_acc
  7. @big_ass
  8. @flopagis
  9. @q0q15

Performers for today:


How’s jdance vote iaafr. Scum. But guess that’s not hear nor there anymore.

Lynch flopagis

Why flopagis? The two big ones in this list for me are klaze and alightsoul

I don’t think it’s klaze because he voted for me day1. But that could change.

why cause flopagis said I was scummy but didn’t vote for me. Only scum leave scummy town alive.

Ewiz - 100% scum, EZ read
Jones - Obvious scum. Also trolling

Klaze - town
IAFR - obvious town you guys suck lol

I initially thought Roragok was scum (when playing with him) but found his push on Flop yesterday towny

@big_ass what makes deepthroat scum to you?

Remaining players in the game have mostly not played and thus I have nothing to say about them

Also I’m not going to continue posting in the thread or try to help town win. I’ve solved the game and you guys can either get on the same page or throw it idrc.

Town needs to provide mechanics for Audience to unite so that they can vote correctly. I tried to indicate my vote by X’ing ewiz posts but you guys voted for random shit or didn’t vote at all.

Also, regarding the inevitable Jones post saying we should not create mechanics for people to signal who they’re voting for - I think probably on the first day this had a chance of helping mafia. After the first day, they have had an opportunity to discuss in night chat and are now unlikely to be that uncoordinated as a voting hammer.

Additionally, let’s keep in mind it’s only 1 or 2 (2 at most) scum in a voting pool and the coordination really doesn’t make a difference to them. What we really need is a coordinated Audience voting hammer.

Not discussing at all

All you need to know is I am always right about ewiz and I say he’s an easy scumread

You can either believe I’m scum or he’s scum this game. That’s all there is to it.

What the fuck is this?

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How do you expect me to follow your logic or reasons when you just say trust me or don’t.

I dont enjoy trying to convince people of things I’ve had way too much of it recently

I told you who the scum are and you guys can read the game that way or not

I’m also telling you I’m 100% sure of this so there’s really no point in me talking about it/questioning ewiz as it will just muddy the waters further

Yeah, alightsoul is looking even worse than klaze

Ewiz you’re so fucking bad at this game lol

“I know I can’t convince people to join my stupid train so I’m just going to pretend I’m quitting the game.”

That’s a classic scum move

can someone explain the whole rigger talk from yesterday? I still dont understand and it seems like everyone was confused somehow. This means that a scum was probably faking their confusion.

Then why are you still posting? The whole idea is to convince me your right so I believe you. The whole I’m right your stupid does not make me want to align with your way of thinking

sorry ror but id rather live in the reality that the only person trying day 1 wasn’t a scum with everyone else being town. sure u might be scum, but then i don’t really care that much because that’s a huge throw from my teammates.

Right now I think it’s
Flopagis+jdance +1

reasons are just basics. flopagis not voting me day1, even after saying I was scummy.
jdance for voting iaafr

alightsoul is smart enough to know that his refusal to explain is stupid levels of wifom