[GAME] Theatrical Performance ; Day 3

I mean I’m not really trying to wifom or be a jerk to you guys I just dont want to argue with people. I posted who the scum are and that’s that

based on who we have in the performer pool today I think we might not even be able to vote a scum out. the voting pool is jones (scum) +3 afks

In all likelihood Jones will vote a winning scum vote tonight and the other 3 will either not vote at all or vote wrong resulting in a loss for us

says the guy who posted a novel on ewiz’s character that I sure as hell didn’t read.

But I do want to take the moral victory by telling them that they’re super transparent

And yes flop that’s the reason I don’t want to argue with people I’ve really had more than my fair share of it over the past 2 days

and sorry to @iaafr you posted a lot of good shit. i would generally avoid explaining how much ur trying to appear town instead of just letting your words do it, but yeah you posted a lot of fun stuff to read.

@Roragok do you have some thoughts outside of voting patterns?

and wait can you explain the jdance on iaafr means hes scum one?

iafr’s a donk (it’s in the name) but an easy town read

he and klaze really threw the game by arguing with each other all day when they had 2 super obvious scums in the thread and didn’t bother pushing or questioning them at all

i actually dont like this post at all the more i read it. why is your read on jdance not here or there “ANYMORE”

“right now” would make more sense i guess, but even then we still have what like 3 scum in the pool. it definitely matters.

I initially read that and thought oh jdance is dead that’s why he thinks it doesn’t matter and he’s just saying he acted like scum as town lol but jdance is still in the game. that wording confuses me @Roragok

Ewiz is somehow still convinced I’m scum, which baffles me. I’d expect a town ewiz to have me towncleared by now. I don’t like the “i’m not gonna post fuck this shit” intro by asoul at all but I have no idea why people found his D1 play scummy, and people that do will have to explain themselves.

Also this is not true and the game is a lot more grim than you think it is. There is only 4 players in the audience pool, which means there’s a 50/50 chance we don’t have lynching power on any day from now on. That being said, I think Nmagane rigged this day and there is indeed 2 scum in the performer pool and I’m willing to bet everything on that.

NMA RIGGING SOMETHING??? Heaven’s no! He would never. He doesn’t manipulate people like that, Klaze. I’m asking the mods for your slandering post to be removed and swift punishment be dealt to you!!

Don’t post when you’re dead

Look I might also be implicating myself in wrong-doing but I can’t just sit here and let this go when klaze is obviously manipulating people against Nma’s character.

it’s roragok+jones+ewiz

Stop fucking posting when you’re dead

I really don’t know about roragok but I think we can agree jones + ewiz and if we ever get to the point where we have to consider the final guy (i think we just lose) we can talk about roragok then

Let’s just agree to unite on ewiz and expect all the town audience members to vote ewiz

If we survive the night then we can figure out the other details in the game

I think it is very likely that Nmagane put 2 scum in the current performer pool, as scum pretty much autowins if not, given this scenario, who do you think is the likeliest second scum?

We have to play with that presumption else this day is effectively 100% wasted.