[GAME] Theatrical Performance : Day 5

Rose was killed

Players remaining:

  1. @Derumination
  2. @Ian
  3. @Roragok
  4. @sdadasdas
  5. @theGreatWingdingi

The Performers:



Day ends in - Lets give it 28 hours.

Jdance voted for ewiz right? it’s 100% ian then. I don’t think J Dance would bus ewiz in that matter when it wasn’t obvious that he was the lynch. Can we just get in votes now.

Who do you guys (Ian and Jdance) think is the last scum?

I can see a world where Asoul spite-busses Ewiz like that given his interractions with him on the forum, but I’m pretty much just riding or dying with roragok+ian

Roragook and ian

Actually the game is 100% over. Whoever’s scum between asoul and rora is going to vote on me/jdance and there’s nothing we can do except wait for a dice-roll.

Like can we just get votes in and end this game, there’s literally zero reason to type anything further.

Actually fuck this it’s klaze and Ian because nmagane listened to your cryposts about never getting mafia

LYnch klaze jdance for president

There’s no reason to play as the game will literally be decided by a dice-roll

Interesting mafia tell there bud.

If you’re town (which I’m 99% sure you are), and you believe both me and Ian to be scum, why are you even mentioning me at all? All you’ll do is potentially make town mislynch with the one vote we got.

I didn’t think that

If my behavior is weird it’s because I’m high

So my tells may be not good

Nevermind. Just laughed the hardest I ever have

Okay my acid trip convinced me of roragook and Ian

Sorry man that’s auto correct there’s really nothing I can do about the that