[GAME] Theatrical Performance. Day Four.

Flopagis was Killed

Players remaining:

  1. @Derumination
  2. @Ian
  3. @Roragok
  4. @sdadasdas
  5. @rose
  6. @big_ass
  7. @q0q15

Today’s performers:

good morning vietnam

i kept flipping my reads wintermute sort of seemed scummy when he wouldn’t explain his list but i’m sure he’s town now i thought jdance was town i wanted to vote with town voted roragok idk he could still be mafia

are you town @ian?

forgetting answers to questions you already asked is a blatant scumtell.

id probably still go qoq in this pool though

sry i missed a vote by the way i saw the 36 hours thing when it was like 12 hrs before the day ended thought it was a countdown since im a big stupid

would have voted benny

then why did you vote me? you said you were town.

i thought u were sorta mafia and i thought jdance was town and i didnt want to split votes

i don’t get what ur emote means wintermute can u give pregnant woman for that im town

not sure what rose means ejther

i told rosa to play today though she said she will

wouldn’t be surprised if both mafia were in today COME to think of it my townreads are hibernating

not sure about klaze but he seems like an honest guy

if there’s one not here it’s probably klaze–thumbs up if you agree.

the thing he said about mod bias was weird can u confirm if u use rng @nmagane

seemed like something he would say as mafia if there were really 2 there but then qoq wouldn’t be mafia idk

wait yes he would

i got rly confused when people kept saying ewiz