gamer's game

@mafiabot host

will be stock mafiascum setups with maybe a +1

@mafiabot slist

Signed Players

Sign the Fuck up you cucks

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot sign

Do jdance covid

And i will sign

that's for you to host

Can we edit the setup before game start? Spice it up a bit?

Wanna know something funny that you dont even remember

You are the one who created the jdance covid setup! You dont even remember you doofus!


That's fantastic. I liked the setup. Where did I create it?

On re-reading I can definitely see how it is one of my setups - the tell-tale signs of gift-givers and roles that are named something common ("Doctor") but actually do something completely different.

I gave the theme and you created the roles. It was in private messages

I think all lore is yours I vaguely remember being proud that you created that


believe i am sick so it would be a good format

the only person who wants to host is jcrispy though.

lets give it a shot, for him! he definitely won't feel vindictive after this game!

I'm also sick i got swollen lymph nodes

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You're posting in the thread of a non-Jcrispy host

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