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The red scum team balances out the blue scum team and vice-versa

It's one of my famous self-balancing setups - only very advanced mafia hosts can understand this. If town starts to lose, mafia will try to kill each other, therefore giving town a chance at a win

high variance especially n1 and n2 town tends to catch most bullets and gets hollowed out by the time voting is important. 11pm helped alleviate that by giving town players 2 bulletproofs to the first kills

11 players is the minimum i would consider for a decent multiball game, not counting lone killers like sk

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Can I see the full mafia rules? I thought of something extremely illegal seeming that I'm going to do the next time I get a chance.

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does it involve being an obvious piece of shit?

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piece of crap

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Nobody will see this coming if it isn't already against the rules

You can either just do it or you can PM it to IAAFR who won't join the game but will give his opinions on mafia things

My neurons are set to fire at 12 est for day start

I've disclosed "it" to a member of the forum and you will not see such a tactic coming from me any time soon. We both decided it was deeply against the spirit of the game

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A third party I'm sure

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Don't think I can play this one.
Work is heating up, and I need to visit my parents.


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Me too just need a bit

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This is so sad.

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