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least chaotic stellaris endgame

Shirley this won't be a complete disaster

It was a complete disaster


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how does vassalage work in ck3? do treaties survive a leader?



@insom payback start; the game

at jaydaence


idk what you mean do you mean alliances?

Oh my fucking god lmao wtf


yea homie

If a character is in the diplomacy tree they can get a perk to propose an alliance with someone that is outside of their family and without marriage but it has the usual +/- modifiers so a count will very likely not be able to secure an alliance with a king with this method without a hook. The other way is to marry a family member to theirs. Usually the alliance only lasts for the one player character's life but if you for example marry your player heir for a marriage the alliance will continue through the player heir's life ass well

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cheers homie and thanks

once i've wasted enough time in stellaris ill checkout ck

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just rememered i made this for my friend after his goofy 14-14 clutch in silver (we won)

fucking legendary


notice his score at the bottom

when you get 1v4d on the most important round of the game by the 37 adr guy with 6 kills and hes using the worst gun in the game :confused: