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Where did that air hog guy go

yea rip to a real one

his profile thread was the stuff of legends

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I joined this game.
4/8 slots available.
It's a slow game. One turn per 24h, less if everyone submits their actions before the deadline.

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my favourite perk in the game, galactic wonders

Jewish Sweden and Norway



katsu creating a land for the jewish diaspora to pre-emptively solve the israel palestine problem 100s of years in advance

a real big brain move

not me the cpu

somehow a member of my player dynasty became the emperor of Francia

was trying to setup a flamethrower ambush on the rainbow power ranger pod in an hq assault when the whole map sans the command pod patrolled into this ball. should i listen to the intrusive thoughts, rocket this, and fight the entire map at once?



Needs more jpeg.

So the first crusade happened to take land in Iberia since it was 90% Muslim ruled and I managed to get two sibling as rulers over there and what does the new King do the second he gets power he wages a war to get more territory in Francia

Also the Byzantine Empire has been cooking


tune in for the next episode of "Everyone hates the Byzantines" and watch this former glory attempt to fight wars on every imaginable front.

shoutout to the black sea lake i loved doing that in total war, even though the provinces north of it sucked ass

tfw you remember that the Hippodrome was destroyed and nobody will ever get to see one of the most magnificent structures ever built