ur all gay

your children will be gay

your grand children will be the gay


Imagine being scared of gays

Nice if my kids are gay i get to have sex with them

Who's scared?



are these children adopted? and if so were they gay because i adopted them or independent?

How do gay children have gay grandchildren when the gay couldn’t have gay children

careful there's almost some solid reasoning in this path, statistically speaking

the 3 y's make this thread triple gay


@jdance dox this location

I definitely could if i had time

It’s gays all the way up

Just do it I'd get a giggle

If you gave me a hint with the city/town name I could probably do it in like an hour

Oh it says wayne county lol it would take like 30 mins if i sat down

Oh damn duh lol

wayne county is pretty big

it's on the west side of detroit