Gdz wont invest in NA

This ausi capitalist cunt wont invest in an Na team to lose to mexicans in the region he destroyed kekekekekekek

@Sammyboy I can't hate godz cuz capitalism. I can hate u fucks for letting him get away with it. Ur pathetic

Oh I'm Sammy pay me $5000 a month to lose to mexicans who work for $300 a month fucken libs hahahahhaababa

Timeout time for you! xd

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You're definitely the loser for having SammyDota live rent free in your head for years

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What would you suggest we do?

You seem so borderline senile that this might as well be u




Kill yourself you dumb affirmative action ■■■■■■. LMAO

Seems like you can't see the post that got him in trouble!

Oh he was already reprimanded before I did lol it's up

It was Me


I already told you not to annoy me

He has to, im going to go international for less than $5000 a month. Gotta stick it to him and rest of th wokeydokes.

Herp derp pay me big bucks to lose to mexicans working for $300 a month kekekekekek

Crazy to treat one of your most dedicated forum fans like this

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plasma has good experience at tanking his brand

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