Get out and vote now

You need to vote


Get out and vote get the sticker

I wish i could get the sticker without voting so i would get all the woke hoes, u know they eyein that sticker dog

Did you vote get out and vote

I am not voting this election or probably any one in the near future

voted. may or may not have included a meme write-in.

You’re making the future great. Thank you for that!

When a socialist really believes in a Black-Hundred danger and is sincerely combating it—he votes for the liberals without any bargaining, and does not break off negotiations if two seats instead of three are offered him. For instance, it may happen that at a second ballot in Europe a Black-Hundred danger arises when the liberal obtains, say, 8,000 votes, the Black-Hundred representative or reactionary, 10,000, and the socialist 3,000. If a socialist believes that the Black-Hundred danger is a real danger to the working class, he will vote for the liberal. We have no second ballot in Russia, but we may get a situation analogous to a second ballot in the second stage of the elections. If out of 174 electors, say, 86 are of the Black Hundreds, 84 Cadets and 4 socialists, the socialists must cast their votes for the Cadet candidate, and so far not a single member of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party has questioned this.

– Vladimir Lenin

Still waiting for my tire to be patched. Still waiting and waiting ND waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. I’m waiting and waiting and waiting

do you agree that this praxis applies to our specific situation today?






  1. practice, as distinguished from theory.

I dont think trump is a straight up fascist but his rhetoric sure as hell enables it, and I do think there are trump adjacent (ex) admin members that are fascist (bannon, gorka, probably kushner etc)


I think he really wants to be full on fash but probably being prevented from going complete ape at leats right now

but on the other hand i do believe the us is a fascist state and that would make him one by definition

Shut up

sorry daddy

hows pizza biz