Getting Started, Noob Thread Etc

Getting Started

Remember to:

  • run rspec using bundle exec rspec to make sure your tests pass
  • run redis (redis-server) and sidekiq (bundle exec sidekiq) whenever youre developing
  • after the server boots up and you can access it locally create yourself an admin account with bundle exec rake admin:create (u can make normal users like this too)
  • consider installing ember inspector, it might make it easier to write ember


Misc Links

Please ask any questions you have below so I can answer them and give help to everyohne else too.

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@old_electrowizard_acc @big_ass @a2pas let me know where you’re at with getting setup and/or writing a plugin

Gold names aren’t free

cracks whip

Is learning this good if i want to do software shit for a living later

If you want to do web development, yeah but you gotta learn a bit of javascript and maybe work with an Mvc framework. I’d suggest checking out codeacademys python course to try out coding and it’s free :)

Finished all of them and now im learning by a big Python book with a lot of exercises

Oh cool. You’re on your way then. Try checking out flask or Django

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If you’d want to give a hand here learning javascript and then some ember would be good but I’d build off your python just to get a sense of what a larger project might be like

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Im gonna hit you up later

what is the /t/ secrion

/t/ in the url is short for topic, like how when you view a category and it’s /c/ or a users page is /u/