Getting Users Back

We need a strategy on how to get people back here.

Someone should hit up Huber on Twitter (I don’t remember his handle)

Does anyone remember numeta’s twitch? We definitely need his insane shit back

Who else is worthwhile?

I talk to no one.

someone found me (^^ゞ

I miss airhogs


airhogs showed me so much good dance music

and please god no casey

Wait, who is @anon31000304? Also, bring back casey

slowdive is a guy who posted more in '16, we’ve met a few times

i got forrest and his goons coming

he said he knows a dying mafia community that needs a new place to play too

sent the site to faz, sdad, nvrtry, pepper, paine, b9 (lol), osiris, ega, zim, sesh. invite anyone, dont get too concerned about unsavory people because we can do a tribunal insome months.

tweet @ ixmike, grant, and other nadota stalwarts

I’ll get paine

If we had big names come around I’d expand the Dota category pretty quickly and bar guest access so we don’t get beehived

Paines already here lol

i can text casey

could also text grant

let it be known i’m officially a 2014er though the majority of my posts may or may not have been made in future years

unfortunately i dont think grants the type of guy to handle any sort of change well, even if this palce is a million times better

either that or he’d say that he wouldnt want to bother having top post count again or something along those lines lol

im down to get casey in here.


Post it on reddit

Spit-Wad should contact J and bring him back as a normal member.

im gonna buy a sueprbowl ad

The posting style of the spit-wad account doesn’t seem like Jones, so you two need to get Jones back here

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