Giving up gaming for good.

It was nice while it lasted, but sometimes you just have to move on.


I HATE the pros that didnt pay numeta for the strats THEY STOLE. If it werent for THEM numeta might still be playing

You ll be back to playing soon before you know it

Nope. I've let this addiction go on for far too long.


I accidentally played a game Monday and won

I've been mostly clean all of 2019 except for a bit of melee and a bit of Dota underlords.

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glad you woke up fam, now you can actually stop lying about your life and being 6k, and having a million in crypoto currency.

first step to taking control is to take control of your addictions.

I'm not lying about anything. I was always afraid to share my dotabuffs because of my abandon history. I would get so upset at myself for making errors I would send every ranke account into the shadowpool where queues would be 30 mins +.

Utterly awful.

It's about a tenth of a million.

nvm you havent learned a thing. all good papi. I'm hoping u are under 25 years old, maybe you can be freed of your delusion.

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It's the fucking frog with the clown nose again

Refpsi stopped playing Dota like a religion (ridiculous amount of time) like months ago and is now the most woke of all of us.

btw you said something about me playing games in blog chat, i'm pretty sure you've played more hours of any game in a year than i have in three


i guess we finally found out what happened to him...

Ok share your dotabuff now then

Last video for you guys.

Love you all, thanks for supporting or just chatting.

best of luck to ya, quitting games is big brain

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i was expecting more of a farewell video but this is pretty good

I am not ashamed of my dota buff. Thanks for reminding me i was once better than most players ever will be in their lifetime.

good luck on your future endeavors :smile:

you, of all the people accusing someone of delusion is baffling

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