#Glazed vs: MS/ jDL Premier

jDL NA Premier Division
Friday Oct 5th 7:30pm

Glazed Gaming vs Team Manta-Style

Festival Enhancing Gum www.VitaPLUR.io

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Festival Enhancing Gun

God bless #glazed

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Welcome to the site

Hi there glazed gaming! Good luck in your match coming up!

Could you tell me more about vita plur?

Can you follow the link?

Hi sir this is an a and b convo between glazed gaming and myself so you can c urself out

Duly noted.

plasma is that really you my friend…

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Thank you gentleman of gentlemen, I most certainly can.

It is a harm prevention gum for festival goers. Analogue to a condom if you will.

Fuck you

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Good luck #glazed


Analogue to a condom if you will

ROFL think vitaplur popped up when I was looking for some supplement to help with my jaw. Your sponsor is akin to the rave doctor or whatever brand that is

To you as well maker of Oxygen

@a2pas look at that reply you tried to prevent and feel shame

I already took note

It needed to be emphasized

Surprised I’m the sole <3er on this post