GLZ x partnership

We are proudly partnered with for the next upcoming jDL NA Premier season. The boys have already tagged up and are competing in AD2L tonight



Who authorised this? I know I certainly didn't

Who the hell is Artsugi and UltraGunner and how do we know they won't drag our good name through the mud?

Why does their whole team have satanist cosmetics equipped? What does that say about our brand and us as a community?

I vote for no cosmetics to be equipped. Str8 vanilla character models would better represent our values.

this is the best time line

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did dan finally use his unemployment neetbux for something good for once

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Everything is better if it is #glazed.

Glazed donuts.

Glazed ham.

Let the world be glazed and the sky fill with embers.


why have i not been approached about GlazedGaming? I am a top journalist for the North American gaming scene.

Make it to TI glazed im rooting for ya!

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epok why did you not ask me abuot this partnership? i couldve provided key input.

Stay Glazed, gamers.

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Pretty sick skins.dudes are ballers

Im approaching you now and tip my fedora.

Lets get an article done

what are you paying? a million dollars is my usual rate but for an nadota org i can hook it up

in that case 15$ to talk to me.

okay i will message you my paypal so you can send me the $15

No you pay me :)

I couldn't immediately recognize like 3 of the top row of heroes. I think my detoxification from this game is going well.

You can interview kstigs or Artsugi for free. With me my answer to each question would be in the best everyone else it trash.