Good posture thread

I want to know what defines a good posture and how to get one myself.

Post anything that educates on good posture in this thread. Lets learn together.

Computer desk next to bed. Play video games lying down and stretched out.

One Kiss is all it takes possibility

ears shoulders hips should be lined up basically

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There was a post here by @SOPHIE but he deleted it. Don’t know why.

Well you have to have proper lumbar support while sitting meaning you shouldnt drift down on your chair and position your ass firmly at the very back of the chair, and you should not elevate your shoulders whlie standing or walking to appear upright, which is very detrimental to posture, you should instead let your shoulders drop and relax and straighten your lower and upper back muscles (especially upper back).

and due to extensive hours of sitting most people develop a forward neck posture which can be fixed by tucking your chin and engaging your frontal neck muscles to keep your chin at a right angle with the floor, the most important thing imo is to not elevate your shoulders and let them drop because the more you sit in front of a computer the more elevated your shoulders get due to taking constant support from your elbows.

The frontal muscles on your neck get weaker due to sitting in front of a computer and the back muscles of your neck grow stiff and strong, which creates imbalance and bad posture, try to engage your frontal neck muscles every couple minutes by tucking your chin in and straightening your upper back. You may hear a couple small clicks on your spine which means it is working, and your neck may hurt too, if you’ve developed a frontal neck posture.

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