Goy Club Classics: Out of the Archive


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credit: me
on the first sound byte

wam bam

Cabalist's Tome - June 1st 2016

glad i enabled the mp3 uploads last week


NMAGane sounds like THIS??

That's not me.

Do you guys ever feel like there was this time when you had this group of friends and then they all kind of moved on and got real lives and you're just sitting there in a server with yourself but really it's with the ghost/memory of those people and you're wishing they would come back but not so much wishing that because they're different people now but more wishing you could go back to those times & who you were in those times and how it felt to have that group of friends?

keep dancing ■■■


It's quite fitting that after threatening nmaGane physically (and asserting his "dominance"), Loki57 was the one who was sent the hospital: being absolutely mind raped. Truly a great example of "mind over matter".

im going to beat nmagane up

snapchat :feelsweirdman: sharing other peoples snapchat :feelsweirdman:

no, this is JCrispy speaking to Robert, sending it to nmaGane to attention seek, and me posting it on namafia.