GoyClubTV September Challenge

Jones is not the best.

Check the skill rankings in my other thread

I am the highest MMR and therefore the best.

not the best at last hitting but i imagine it's tough when you have to babysit toprak the entire game after 5 minutes

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MMR Rankings:
CulturedUrbanite: 5000
Willy_711: Uncalibrated
Vanilla_Town: 4800
Kurisu: 3800
J-Crispy: 2000
Toprak: 1850


I had that mic as a kid, it definitely fucking is

Wasn't usable then either

crowdfund jones new sennheiser game ones?

I don't believe those rankings are current. I don't believe jones plays ranked

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60% w/r on 7.27

70% w/r on 7.28

have not played since then.

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You linked me games from 2020 only further proving my point

In the last year you have 3 ranked games

Ok. You're a ■■■.

If I were to judge the current goy rankings, it's probably Nmagane and then Toprak. Others probably lower because they don't play

look at the diversity on jones heroes what a gamer

On the streams I watched I noticed Topraks comms were very clear and his game-sense was on point. He made several good positional calls resulting in the gank of a high-value hero in late game

Very impressed with Toprak's Dota performance. Keep up the good work

you guys ever listen to the bugsnax ost this shit is grimy

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also why is it pronounced tope rak? top rak sounds cooler and is a saying within the name

It's not top rak? My immersion is ruined