GoyClubTV September Challenge

:white_medium_square:Walk into a Boxing Gym and Ask "Do you have enemies that i can fight?"

:white_medium_square:Grab a carton of eggs at the grocery store and start cracking them into a plastic bag at the checkout, throwing the shells at the counter, saying ; "I don't really need the shells."

:white_medium_square:Bring a friend or a colleague a glass of water and yank it back as they reach to grab it, saying "This is how kids in Africa Feel."

:white_medium_square:Buy a Divine Rapier on a position 5 support hero before 20 minutes, feed it to the enemy Hard Carry, and say "Wait what happened to my item?"

Build a Hand Of Midas on an offlaner, feed into 3 heroes, buyback.

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Impossible Challenge: Hide drugs in your rental car.


Host a dozen fake mafia games as an inside Joke with your Internet Gayfriend on a ■■■■■■■■ dota Forum, and justify this behaviour by saying : "What? It's Funny."

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you guys are a lot less cute when you're flaming each other


fun fact in the half dozen or so dota games ive watched while playing xcom i don't think i've understood a single word jones has said. his mic is that terrible at least on the stream end


it's a great character to play as the though. the seasoned dota veteran arguably the best in the group desperately poor can't afford a 30 dollar headset

He's not the best in the group. @Willy_711 is better.

see gonna have to disagree with you there kaptain bob has been real flaky lately

Jones is usually translated by Nmagane. Without him around intetacting with Jones on voice is like Qaddafi talking to Bush on the UN Panel.


i dont think he's management material

Your guys internet friendships are incredibly gay (you are all the losers in your communities who have no friends and you befriend other losers in the same situation online)

that's not gay and it's really wholesome that nowadays they can come together from all over the world to bond over dota and trolling teh forums

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Sorry about the toxicity guys.

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Nmagane (pretending to be mad, actually delighted)

You're on Autopilot Chris, you just do the same shit and feed if it doesn't work.

Chris buys back from a 20 second respawn timer

Nmagane (Pretending to be frustrated, actually euphoric)

Really Chris? You're doing this shit? Grow up.

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le epic troll

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le post ironic troll

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I think it's 20+ years old.

The voice signal is suffocated due to the tight desk enclosure.